To bring individuality to common life experiences while simultaneously spreading hope, positivity, and acceptance to those we encounter.


About Us

For years it laid heavy on my heart to positively impact the lives of the community around me; and yet, for years I struggled to find my true calling. As a woman whose personal life journey has included an unusual amount experience, it slowly became apparent that I had a knack for mentorship.

My desire to make a difference is what has led me to create Life Lasagna. I have learned that there are so many similarities woven throughout each individuals life; yet no two journeys are the exact same, but the destination to be seen and accepted is undoubtedly universal.  

I encourage you to connect with us and our amazing community of individuals, laugh at our jokes, cry in our pain, and rejoice in our triumphs. You are not in this alone, we are in this together!

C.J. Maldonado

I am the creator and host behind Life Lasagna. I wear many different hats, and carry a multitude of titles, yet the ones nearest and dearest to my heart are: Wife, mother of three, and bonus mom to one. Much like lasagna, I find life to be gloriously messy, hence the name of my brand. Each week my intention is to serve up a fresh new helping of life lasagna to encourage and support those in my community. I hope you join me, even raise a hand to share with me, as I create a community of encouragement. Its not just my experience that is behind the recipe to this project, its also the ingredients of inspiration I pull from those around me.

Catherine McNeely


I am the co-host alongside my sister for Life Lasagna. I am a single mother of two beautiful girls. I also want to create a safe space for individuals to share their personal experiences, whether good or bad. I bring to this podcast, my degree in early childhood development and a slew of personal stories. My career is facilitating self-love as a massage therapist and this podcast aligns with my views on self-love (its more than self-care). I can’t wait to share in this journey with you all.

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